Whipped Coffee Recipe + VIDEO (2024)

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You may have heard some buzz about this coffee… it’s known as Dalgona Coffee, Tik Tok Coffee, Korean Coffee… I’m going to tell you all about it. Whipped Coffee Recipe + VIDEO (1)

This whipped coffee can be made into an iced latte or a hot latte.

In just a couple minutes you’ll be enjoying sipping on this decadent coffee and wonder where it’s been all your life.

It’s fun to see someone become so popular on social media and it brings a new item to the forefront in minutes.

You may have even heard this called quarantine coffee. I read up a little bit about Dalgona coffee, it’s known very well in South Korea, and I that in Korea they have an abundance of coffee shops about 49,000… that is a lot of coffee shops, drinking coffee must be like an experience… they go to coffee shops to hand out, socialize. Since things are locked down they are making their own coffee at home since everyone is staying closer to home these days, it’s no wonder a homemade whipped coffee is sweeping the internet beyond Korea.

It’s sweet and silky and fun to make and easy to enjoy.

Whipped Coffee Recipe + VIDEO (2)

With just 3 simple ingredients anyone can whip it up!

Do I need some special equipment to make this coffee?

No, it’s pretty straight forward, you need to whip instant coffee with sugar and hot water.
Whipping air into the mixture until it’s very thick, then pour that coffee mixture over iced milk or hot milk to create the latte.

What can I whip this with?

You can whip this up with a whisk and bowl, or an immersion blender and tall container, or a hand mixer with beaters or stand mixer with whip attachment. If you use a hand mixer or stand mixer make a double recipe, or you may have trouble getting the small amount whipped.

Can I use heavy cream to whip the coffee?

I tried heavy cream with brewed coffee and no, it did not whip.

Can I make this sugar free?

You can try a sugar alternative like swerve, I have read good results with it.

Can I make this unsweetened?

No, you’ll need a sweetener to make this drink, but you can always try your favorite sugar alternative.

How long does it take to make this coffee?
From start to finish, under 2 minutes with an electric whisk.

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Can I whisk this by hand?

Yes, I whipped three batches by hand, it took a couple of minutes to whip, it worlds well, you will certainly feel your muscle in your arm working.

Call this your 2 minutes arm workout for the day!

Can I make this with brewed coffee or espresso?

I tried making this with fresh brewed strong coffee, it would not whip up. If you do get it to work, let me know-how in the comments, I’d love to try it again with better results.

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What kind of coffee is in the popular Tik Tok Coffee?

Instant coffee is used to make the popular whipped coffee on Tik Tok.

There are different varieties of instant coffee, choose your favorite instant coffee. I use Tasters Choice, Starbucks has a few flavors of Instant Coffee if you prefer strong coffee, try their Italian Roast Instant Coffee, another option is to use instant espresso to make this whipped coffee.

Other recipes I use instant coffee

  • Mocha Strawberry Yogurt Coffee
  • Tiramisu Cake
  • Coffee Scones
  • Coffee Syrup
  • Mocha Cake
  • Espresso CupcakesWhipped Coffee Recipe + VIDEO (5)

What else can I put this whipped coffee recipe on?

Enjoy it over a cup of hot chocolate, for a delicious mocha, over seltzer for a fun Italian type of cream soda, over a muffin or cake for a fun coffee-flavored dessert.

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Now if you like boba go right ahead and add some in. I use THIS boba, it cooks quicker than other varieties I’ve tried. If you have leftover boba, just place it with some sugar and water and put it in the fridge. Then microwave it so it’s soft again. Mine took 1 minute to heat back up to the right consistency.

**If you want to SPIKE your coffee go right ahead and add a shot or two of whiskey to your drink. I added bourbon to mine and it was so delicious! This really is so delicious with bourbon if you like bourbon be sure to give it a try. If you want to see my other bourbon favorite take a look at my Kentucky Dirty co*cktail.

**You can reduce the amount of milk by “watering” it down, often I do 1/2 milk 1/2 water, which tastes creamy without all the milk, and you can use any variety of milk you prefer.

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Whipped Coffee Recipe + VIDEO

An easy whipped coffee latte recipe iced or hot, popular on TikTok and Instagram, known as Dalgona Coffee, Quarantine Coffee, Korean Coffee

Prep Time2 minutes mins

Total Time2 minutes mins

Course: Beverage

Cuisine: Korean

Servings: 1 serving

Author: Diane Schmidt Created by Diane


  • 1 tablespoon instant coffee
  • 1 tablespoon granulated sugar
  • 1 tablespoon hot water


  • You can prepare this whipped coffee with a whisk and bowl, an immersion blender and tall container, or a bowl and mixer with beater blades or whisk attachment. You'll whip air into the recipe to create a thick coffee cream.

  • You can make this latte, iced or hot.

  • Use 8 oz of cold milk with ice cubes for a cold latter, or 8 oz of hot milk for a hot latte.

  • Whip the coffee, sugar, and hot water unilt it's very thick.

  • Put your milk in your drinking glass.

  • Top the milk with the whipped coffee mixture.

  • Stir and fold the coffee mixture into the milk slowly and it will become a smooth, silky, creamy drink.

Whipped Coffee Recipe + VIDEO (8)

Whipped Coffee Recipe + VIDEO (9)

Whipped Coffee Recipe + VIDEO (2024)
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