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What is Demarara sugar? Can regular white sugar be used?

Clementina de Patagonia

Rather than use a 9x13 baking dish, I bake this in muffin tins, either in a tin that produces regular-sized muffins if I'm serving this dessert at home or in mini-muffin tins if I'm taking this dessert to someone's house where I know other desserts will be served. (Bake at 375º for about 22 minutes for regular-sized muffins and for about 17 minutes for
mini-muffins). And I serve the "extra" sauce hot. This recipe is always a hit!


For everyone whose cake didn't rise, I used a glass 8X8 pyrex to bake the pudding in. I also added an additional 1 teaspoon of baking powder and 1/8 tsp of salt to the batter along and it worked out great. P.S. my mom told me not to post this because " its a cook eat cook world and don't tell anyone your secrets"


It's basically a very coarse-grained raw sugar. You can substitute turbinado sugar or a light brown sugar.


The UK recipe calls for self rising flour, as well as baking soda. The adjustment to regular flour is not made in the US version here and the is presumably why some of the notes say the cake is only an inch high.The UK one also uses double cream for the topping, which is very thick and generally unavailable here. That may explain some of the watery sauces noted.Substitutions for both can be found online


I use the recipe from the Australian Family Circle Dessert cookbook. It doesn't include the sauce and broiling step but I might try that!
Also, I have had equally great results using Evaporated milk in place of the cream. No-one missed the extra calories!


Sweet sweet sweet. Yes I know. I read the ingredients. I made it anyway. Following directions, it was served to much acclaim. I did skip the 'extra sauce' as there are only so many ambulances available. Serve generous portions warm, with nothing on top and no apologies. Side of Ice water maybe. This is desert. And easy enough, step by step.

Thea Meyer

Sticky Toffee Pudding is best served with custard....


I am speechless! My wife and her family absolutely adored this masterpiece! We started our Thanksgiving dinner with my aunt’s turkey – it was ok but everyone was starving as she did not prepare enough. You should have seen the faces of the guests when they saw me with this godly dessert. We were all salivating at the Orchestra of olfactory pleasures. We did not go for the extra sauce, as there was no doctor in the room to unblock my great auncle Joe’s arteries. God bless this recipe and America.


DELICIOUS. I like to read through comments for fun and edification, so:-added 1 tsp baking powder to ensure a good rise-used 8 x 12 ceramic baking dish (smaller than recipe)-soaked chopped dates in hot tea-added a sprinkling of cinnamon, cloves, nutmeg (I like those seasonings!)-added a TBS or so of dark rum to topping (love that flavor, too!)I made the pudding in the AM, left out on counter, made topping PM, stuck under broiler. No extra sauce (ran out of time/pots). PERFECTION.


I've made this recipe three times now and overall this is a delicious dessert that everyone really likes. Having said that, here are a few things of note. First, the actual toffee pudding/cake is only going to be about an inch high. So if you want more standard size cake then use a 9 by 9 or 8 by 8 instead of 9 by 13. The other thing is that the extra sauce is quite liquidy. I put a cornstarch slurry in mine to thicken it up. Very recommended dessert.


Demerara sugar is like the sugar you find in the "sugar in the raw" packets at Starbucks. It is a partially refined light brown cane sugar coming originally from Guyana, (these days you can find it at your local whole foods, or even some targets). So I wouldn't use white sugar in place of it, but you may be able to substitute it with light brown sugar.


Had this in York and could not wait to try it at home. Embarrassed to say how many times I have made this- that's a lot of cream! Easy and impressive dessert for company. Good leftover slightly warmed. Oh, yeah, do add a dollop of whipped cream.


Seems like a mis print in the toffee sauce recipe. There should be more brown sugar than cream. I recommend 1 1/2 c brown sugar to 1/2 cup of cream and 1/2 cup of butter.

annoying measurements

It never ceases to amaze me that American bakers/cooks would rather use 3 different measuring instruments for one ingredient instead of just denoting in grams.


Delectable. Please use weight for measurements, NYT! Didn’t make the extra sauce and I don’t think it needed it. Added 1tsp baking powder per suggestions. Baked in an 8in Corningware round dish and it rose nicely. Used 1/4cup date water and 1/4 cup hot milk for some extra richness. It did sink a little in the middle but that’s where the topping could conveniently pool for a self-saucing effect on serving.


I have also used baking powder since the first attempt did not work - cake did not rise. Also i would suggest to beat the butter with the sugar and eggs first and then fold the flour (not in the mixer) with the baking powder and baking soda and salt. A nice addition are walnuts in the mix.

vegan & gf

Made this withFlax egg instead of normalGf flour ( Tesco own brand) instead of normalVegan butter & coconut creamServed with Elmea plant single cream. Was amazing!!


Delicious. What else is there to say?Shoutout to Clementina for the suggestion of the muffin tin. Our batter filled 9 of 12 muffin cups and cooked at 375 for about 16 min. So moist, so delightful. We just spooned the sauce onto the inverted pudding, and didn’t broil it or bother with the “extra” sauce. Will definitely make again.


Everyone I shared with this thought it was delicious. I enjoyed it, but I agree with many of the other comments that it came out very short. I would've liked it to be taller and have more capacity to absorb more liquid and get more sticky. I did take some of the suggestions in the comments to increase the leavener and add baking powder. I would probably not make this particular sticky toffee pudding recipe again until I had tried another to see where this one could be improved.


I made this last week and loved it. Some modifications:1. I used a smaller pan. The batter was too thin when I used the recommended size2. I only had light brown sugar, so I added a wee touch of molasses. 3. I would cut down the sugar in the sauce by a 1/3. It was very sweet. 4. I’ll add Amarula or Amaretto to the sauce for a little change up. (Whisky would work well too.)4. I might add a pinch more salt.


Am I supposed to wring out the dates well before adding them to the batter? Thank you.


Made 1/20/241/2 pan served 8.


Came out really good, made 7 6 oz ramekins worth. Did not make the extra sauce, as one batch was plenty


This was an excellent recipe! I did follow the recommendations of other commenters (adding the extra baking powder, baking in a smaller dish, topping with extra cinnamon and nutmeg). I also ended up subbing most of the AP flour for bread flour, and everything still came out perfect! I did not end up making the extra sauce since the initial batch of sauce ended up being plenty. Whole dish of pudding was gone within three days, and I am already being asked to make another batch!

used light brown sugar and for one if the sugars substituted half of the 1/3 cup with blackstrap molasses. also added cardamom

Put enough of the sauce to coat the cake for broiling and use leftover to serve with ice cream or whipping cream


I am not one for sticky toffee pudding, but this was fantastic. Baked the day before and just added the toffee sauce and warmed in the oven before serving, which worked perfectly. It was a huge hit, usually toffee pudding is so sweet and cloying but this cake was finished off in one sitting, and was surprisingly light. Absolutely no need for the "extra" sauce given by the recipe, the one batch of sauce gave plenty for spooning over individual portions as is.

Ainsley Pierce

Added 1tsp of baking powder, some cinnamon, nutmeg, ground cloves, 1/2 tsp of instant espresso, and small splash of bourbon. Delish!!! used 8x8 pan, I did make the extra sauce and was glad I did. I may try a more traditional sauce next time like the one from the slow cooker recipe. The sauce was excellent but just not what I’ve had in London. Can the butter be replaced with oil. Want to bring to NYE party and can’t have butter.

easy and delicious!

Brought this to a friend’s house on Christmas eve and got loads of compliments. Based on other reviews, I skipped the extra sauce and although it was delicious without it, I think I’ll make it next time because the sauce is so tasty. I made this in an 8x8 pan. Definitely not enough volume for a 9x13.

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Sticky Toffee Pudding Recipe (2024)
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