25 DIY Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas – (2024)

As we inch closer to Valentine’s Day, we thought it would be fun to share 25 last-minute DIY Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas you can easily make your friends and loved ones.

Like many of you, some of our favorite treasures are handmade and homemade gifts!

We love it when our friends and family members get creative and share their talents.

Every time I style these bookcases, I think about all the love and hard work my Dad put into making them.

DIY Valentine’s Day gifts don’t have to be as elaborate as those bookcases though.

There are plenty of thoughtful things you can do to show the special people in your life you care about them.

In fact, most of these projects can be completed in a day!

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Here are 25 DIY Valentine’s Day gifts, projects, and ideas for you to consider…

1-DIY Bath Bombs

These DIY Bath Bombs take just 8 simple ingredients, most of which you probably already have in your kitchen.

25 DIY Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas – (2)

2-Monogrammed Market Tote

I made this Monogrammed Market Tote for my Mom a few years ago and she loved it. It’s roomy enough to take to yoga class, the beach, or to pick up supplies around town!

25 DIY Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas – (3)

3-Grain Sack-Inspired Wall Art

This Grain Sack-Inspired Wall Art is currently hanging in our dining room!

They were simple to create. And something that can easily be personalized with everything from a name, special city, quote, or date.

We used our grandmother’s initials.

25 DIY Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas – (4)

We originally found this Farmhouse-Style Tool Caddy at a thrift store.

It was covered in snowmen. So, we decided to give it a makeover because we wanted to use it year-round.

We use it for everything from holding utensils to letters to hydrangeas.

It’s another DIY Valentine’s Day gift idea that doesn’t take long to create at all.

25 DIY Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas – (5)

5-DIY Tulip Crate

We made this DIY Dutch-Inspired Tulip Crate as a gift for my mom several years ago because she has such fond memories of visiting the tulip fields as a child.

It’s definitely one of those pieces you can use inside or outside on the porches and patio.

Just make sure you’ve weatherproofed it before taking it outside!

25 DIY Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas – (6)

6-Lavender Hand Scrub

With Spring planting season just around the corner, there will be plenty of time for your favorite gardener to use this fabulous Lavender Hand Scrub.

It smells amazing and easily removes all the dirt and grime that comes with weeding and planting.

25 DIY Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas – (7)

7-Ironstone Container Garden

If you’re pressed for time but need an easy Valentine’s gift, consider creating an Ironstone Container Garden.

We used kale for this one.

But you could also use herbs or a miniature rose bush.

25 DIY Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas – (8)

8-Air Dry Clay Bee Ring Dish

Several years ago, we stenciled bees on these Air-Dry Clay Dishes to leave by the sink at my parent’s house because we didn’t want to lose our rings while cleaning up after dinner.

I’m excited to say they’re still holding up and we use them all the time!

25 DIY Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas – (9)

9-DIY Cake Stand

We keep these DIY Milk Glass Inspired Cake Stands at the ready!

I’ve lost count of how many times we’ve used them over the years.

They’re functional enough to help display all sorts of yummy treats during mealtime yet neutral enough to use for everyday decorating.

You can also find a Jadeite Cupcake Stand version here!

25 DIY Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas – (10)

10-Personalized Signs

Creating a vintage-inspired sign like this Flower Market Sign is relatively quick and easy.

Plus, the sign can be used in multiple spaces inside your home, porch, patio, or She Shed throughout the spring and summer seasons too.

25 DIY Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas – (11)

11-A Serving Tray

My bestie S swears I’m obsessed with breadboards.

And while that might be true I really appreciate how utilitarian and functional they can be.

We made a Serving Tray From a Breadboard years ago and it’s another item we use all the time!

25 DIY Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas – (12)

12-Strawberry Scones and Other Sweet Treats

Baking is one of my passions and something I would love to make more time for this year.

Every weekend we’re in town we make a concerted effort to slow down for a relaxing morning with a hearty brunch or a fun sweet treat like these Strawberry Almond Scones.

25 DIY Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas – (13)

13-Drink Stencil

If your friends or loved ones look forward to a special cup of french press coffee in the morning or a latte in the afternoon, they will adore this Drink Stencil.

25 DIY Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas – (14)

14-DIY Napkin Rings

These DIY Napkin Rings were another quick project that was so easy to make it took me longer to ride to town and pick up the supplies than it did to actually make them.

25 DIY Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas – (15)

15-Crock Inspired Paint Cans

Given we go through lots of paint for home improvement projects, we’re constantly looking for ways to upcycle and reuse the paint cans.

These Crock-Inspired Paint Cans can be used for everything from holding brushes to flower arrangements.

25 DIY Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas – (16)

16-Conversation Heart Vase

The conversation heart vase for Valentine’s Day was one of those ideas that seemed so easy, I almost didn’t even write a post about it.

What I love about this idea is that you can adapt it to almost any season.

And it’s something quick and easy you can make and take to a friend, family member, or loved one to brighten their day.

25 DIY Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas – (17)

17-Valentine’s Day Gift Container

We’re always looking for ways to reuse everyday items.

When I came across a metal box while out thrifting one day, I knew it would make a super cute Valentine’s Day Gift Container.

This container is great because it can be used to hold everything from snacks to jewelry, to love letters!

25 DIY Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas – (18)

18-Quick and Easy Valentine’s Day Snack Box

Almost everyone in our family has a crazy big sweet tooth!

Using readily available supplies from the grocery and craft supply store, I created a Valentine’s Day Snack Box and filled it with all sorts of goodies that can be taken to the beach, the park, the lake, or on a nature hike.

25 DIY Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas – (19)

19-DIY Candy Tackle Box

Speaking of a sweet tooth, this DIY Candy Tackle Box was a huge hit with the littles.

What I love about these boxes is that they can be used not only for Valentine’s Day but for road trips as well.

You don’t have to fill them with candy either. There are plenty of healthy snack ideas you can fit in each cubby.

25 DIY Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas – (20)

20-Valentine’s Day Dessert Buffet

One of my favorite things to do is host a Valentine’s Day Dessert Buffet!

It’s another idea that’s quick and easy and totally takes the pressure off having to make a fancy meal.

You can pick up specialty items at your local bakery or grocery store. Use festive cupcake liners for your trays or treat towers, create a signature co*cktail or mocktails, use your vintage plates and you’re literally good to go!

25 DIY Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas – (21)

21-DIY Valentine’s Day Poppers

When it comes to festive holidays like Christmas, having poppers on the table is non-negotiable.

A few years ago I set out to create my own DIY Valentine’s Day Poppers version.

While they didn’t quite have the pop the ones we bought did, they were fun to make and share!

25 DIY Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas – (22)

22-Salt Scrubs

We’ve been using this since the holidays for dry winter skin and our skin is super soft now.

Bonus, it looks pretty by the tub and there is nothing better than a sweet soak or scrub after a long day!

25 DIY Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas – (23)

23-Countdown to Valentine’s Day Calendar

Our Countdown to Valentine’s Day Calendar was a huge hit with Piper!

We also created something similar for my parents and they loved it too.

We usually do all 14 days leading up to Valentine’s Day.

But you can do 7 days as well.

25 DIY Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas – (24)

24-DIY Valentine Mailbox

Similar to the Countdown to Valentine’s Day Calendar we shared above, it was also so much fun to slip little notes and and gifts inside this DIY Valentine’s Mailbox.

The mailbox is small so you definitely have to get creative, but sometimes the most amazing things come in the smallest packages.

25 DIY Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas – (25)

25-The Gift of Your Painting, Organizing, or Decorating Skills

The Gift of Your Painting, Organizing, or Decorating Skills is one of those gifts that would fall under gifts of service or time which mean more than anything.

If you know someone that has been too scared to paint a piece of furniture, feels overwhelmed by their clutter, or wants to give a room a makeover but doesn’t know where to start give them the gift of your talents and skills.

25 DIY Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas – (26)

Bonus Idea #26 Plan a Trip

After helping my Dad and sisters plan my Mom’s Birthday Celebration Savannah, it made me realize how time-consuming planning trips can be!

While we enjoyed every minute and would 100% do it again, it took a lot of work and research. If you have mad organization skills, love details, or enjoy food and travel, consider planning a trip for friends or loved ones!

25 DIY Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas – (27)

As I’ve shared before, a Valentine’s Day gift doesn’t have to be anything elaborate or expensive to make an impact.

In fact, most of these 25 DIY Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas are budget-friendly and can be made at the last minute in a day or even in an afternoon.

We hope these 25 DIY Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas have helped. Let us know if you’ve created anything fun for Valentine’s Day!

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25 DIY Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas – (31)

Until next time, I’ll see you on Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest.

Many blessings,


25 DIY Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas – (2024)
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