12 Boo Basket Ideas, a Fun Halloween Tradition (2024)

Start a fun new Halloween tradition this fall by surprising friends and neighbors with a Boo Basket. Learn what to put into a Boo Basket and how to distribute them.

12 Boo Basket Ideas, a Fun Halloween Tradition (1)

Let’s talk Halloween: how to make a Boo Basket and how to deliver one to friends and neighbors

For many people, Halloween is all about the taking, and trying to collect as much candy as you possibly can from your neighbors while trick or treating.

But sometimes it’s fun to turn things around. There’s no reason why Halloween can’t be about the giving too. Try making a Halloween Boo Basket for a neighbor to spread the love this October!

What is a Halloween Boo Basket?

Let me take a moment to introduce you to the “Boo Basket.”

A Boo Basket (or Boo Bucket!) is a container stuffed full of fun Halloween-themed treats. Just ring your neighbor’s doorbell any time during October, leave the basket on their front step, and run to hide in the bushes so you can watch their reaction when they realize they’ve been ‘Booed’! We’re so used to Halloween tricks that it’s a really nice change to give someone a treat.

Your neighbor can then continue the tradition and spread their own bit of Halloween cheer, until eventually the whole neighborhood will have been Booed!

What to put in a Boo Basket

The contents of your Boo Basket can be tailored to whoever you’re giving it to. Kids might like Halloween-themed craft activities and candy, whereas older friends might prefer foods with a more subtle Halloween theme, and cozy, autumnal items. It’s up to you whether you go low-key, or totally OTT; your neighbor will appreciate the kind gesture either way! There are heaps of ideas below.

And don’t forget these two really important extras:

  1. An ‘I’ve been Booed’ sign for your neighbor to display in their front window, so they don’t get Booed a second time by another neighbor – we want everyone to have a turn!
  2. Instructions that explain what it means to be Booed, and what they need to do next.

Fun Halloween Boo Basket Ideas

If you’re inspired to give it a try, here are 12 fun Halloween Boo Basket ideas to help you decide what to include.

Family Craft Night Themed Basket

I made this basket a few years ago, when I was sharing Halloween craft ideas on a local TV news program. For my Basket, I used the following:

  • basket
  • basket filler
  • snack mix
  • candy corn
  • mason jar
  • three small craft kits from JoAnn Fabrics
  • Boo Basket Printable Card (click to download)

I mixed some snack mix in a mason jar with some candy corn – to give it a Halloween feel. Then I assembled everything in a little basket. The three craft kits were on sale at the craft store, so this was a really inexpensive neighbor gift.

I love that this involves a craft, instead of just candy. After all, the neighbor kids are going to get enough of that on the 31st!

Here are 11 more Halloween gift basket ideas I think you’ll enjoy:

1. Family Boo Basket from The Littles And Me

12 Boo Basket Ideas, a Fun Halloween Tradition (4)

This Boo Basket is simple but effective – it just goes to show that you only need to include a few well-chosen items to create a beautiful Boo Basket. I love the ‘I’ve been Booed’ sign in this one, and there’s a printable version for you to use yourself. When other people start joining in, you’ll be able to see the Halloween cheer spreading across the neighborhood one house at a time!

2. Halloween Boo Mix from Rebecca Propes

12 Boo Basket Ideas, a Fun Halloween Tradition (5)

This DIY Halloween ‘Boo Mix’ would be the perfect addition to your Boo Basket. Made with candy corn, chocolate chips and marshmallows, it’s super easy to put together. You can feel good about including something homemade, even if you’re not super crafty! Don’t forget the Halloween-themed label to make it extra fun (ghost poop, anyone?).

3. Ghostly Boo Basket from Eighteen25

12 Boo Basket Ideas, a Fun Halloween Tradition (6)

If you’d like to add a touch of drama to your Boo Basket, this ghostly version is a really easy option. Just draw a ghost face onto a white balloon, tie it to the handle of your basket, and when your neighbor opens their door, they’ll be met by a ghost! Such a fun way to make your Boo Basket extra memorable.

4. Food and drink Boo Basket from Ribbons & Glue

12 Boo Basket Ideas, a Fun Halloween Tradition (7)

Not everyone’s into the same things – but everyone’s into eating and drinking. So if you’re not sure what sort of things your neighbors might like, food and drink is always a safe bet. These small Boo Baskets are filled with cans of soda and bags of candy, with the adorable caption ‘Eat, Drink and be Scary’.

5. Pumpkin Boo Bags from Instrupix

12 Boo Basket Ideas, a Fun Halloween Tradition (8)

If you just want to share a small gift with your neighbors, but still want it to look fun and Halloween-themed, these pumpkin Boo Bags are perfect. With just enough room inside for a few pieces of candy or a couple of homemade treats, they’re just enough to spread a bit of joy – and the adorable pumpkin wrapping will definitely make your friends smile!

6. Self Care Boo Basket from Fun Squared

12 Boo Basket Ideas, a Fun Halloween Tradition (9)

This Boo Basket would be perfect for any friend who you know needs a pick-me-up at this time of year. Styled as a ‘witch’s survival kit’, it contains all sorts of self care items to lift someone up – nail polish, a face mask, some cosy socks, and a little something to eat and drink.

7. Kids’ Boo Baskets from Project Whim

12 Boo Basket Ideas, a Fun Halloween Tradition (10)

Don’t feel that you can only Boo your neighbors – there’s no reason you can’t make Boo Baskets for your own kids too! Just knock on their bedroom door and leave the basket in the hallway, to put a huge smile on their face. These kids’ Boo Baskets are filled with Halloween-themed clothes, books and crafts, so you’ll have plenty of fun activities to enjoy together throughout the month.

8. Teacher Boo Baskets from The Eager Teacher

12 Boo Basket Ideas, a Fun Halloween Tradition (11)

Similarly, your kids’ teachers deserve to get in on the fun too! Why not fill a little basket with useful goodies to thank them for all their hard work. Food and drink, hand sanitizer, and gift cards are all simple gifts that all teachers will be thankful for!

9. Adult ‘Booze Basket’ from Making Memories With My Minis

12 Boo Basket Ideas, a Fun Halloween Tradition (12)

If you’re making a Boo Basket for a wine lover, don’t feel you need to keep your basket kid-friendly. A bottle of wine or some beers in a bottle bag makes a perfect ‘Booze Basket’! Why should the kids have all the fun?

10. Movie night Boo Basket from Sweet Lil You

12 Boo Basket Ideas, a Fun Halloween Tradition (13)

Everyone loves a good theme, so if you want to put a fun twist on your Boo Basket, try a movie night basket! Include your favourite Halloween movie on DVD, plus everything else your neighbor will need to complete their spooky movie night – drinks and snacks, popcorn, and even some cozy socks!

11. Halloween snack jar from The Country Chic Cottage

12 Boo Basket Ideas, a Fun Halloween Tradition (14)

If you’re not up to creating an elaborate Boo Basket, try a low-key version instead. Transform a simple jar of your favorite Halloween-themed snack into a Jack-o’-lantern with this simple snack jar craft. Just add a spooky face and a green stem to create a cute pumpkin!

Don’t forget to PIN this creative Halloween tradition for later:

12 Boo Basket Ideas, a Fun Halloween Tradition (15)
12 Boo Basket Ideas, a Fun Halloween Tradition (2024)


What can you put in a boo basket? ›

But just in case you haven't, a boo basket is, well, a basket full of seasonal goodies (though they can also house items like beauty products and books that aren't necessarily seasonal). This can include anything from blankets and candles to candy, cozy socks, plushies, and way more.

What to put in girlfriend's spooky basket? ›

10+ Halloween Spooky Basket Gift Ideas For Your Girlfriend
  1. Etsy. Halloween Themed Hair Scrunchy. ...
  2. Amazon. Cute Happy Halloween Vinyl Stickers. ...
  3. Target. Spooky Socks. ...
  4. Lush. Monster Bath Bomb. ...
  5. Etsy. Halloween Inspired Candle. ...
  6. Wicked Clothes. A Wicked T-Shirt. ...
  7. Amazon. Stuffed Black Cat Animal Toy. ...
  8. Zazzle. Halloween Stationary Paper.

What is a boo basket for adults? ›

A boo basket is the latest TikTok trend doing the rounds this autumn. Think of it like an Easter hamper or a Christmas Eve box – it's filled with treats to help you celebrate the season.

When should you do Boo baskets? ›

When Do You Give a Boo Basket? Some mamas choose to hang on to their baskets until Halloween to make the day extra special. Other mamas choose to give Boo Baskets on October 1 so their littles can enjoy the fall treats all month long as the holiday excitement builds.

How to decorate a boo basket? ›

Fill a basket with Halloween toys, coloring books and crayons, glow sticks, play dough, puzzles, and balloons. Create some fun with a craft kit or gather materials to complete any of these easy, fun Halloween and fall projects — don't forget to include the directions!

How do you make an adult boo basket? ›

What to put in a boo basket?
  1. Basket. You'll need a large enough basket (or container) to hold all of your goodies. ...
  2. Cozy item. It's not fall if it's not cozy! ...
  3. Mug. Fall is all about the hot drinks and you can't have hot drinks without a mug. ...
  4. Drinks. A drink mix for the mug. ...
  5. Treats. ...
  6. Plushie.
Oct 20, 2023

What is good for a spooky basket? ›

Plenty of parents add non-food things like books and cozy fall wear. Think fuzzy socks, hats, cute Halloween-themed t-shirts and even pajamas that they can curl up in while eating all that candy. If you have older kids, add a touch of pop culture by sprinkling in some Hocus Pocus and Halloweentown merch.

What is the Boo D tradition? ›

A Halloween BOO is a gift or treat left anonymously by a friend, family member, or neighbor at your front door. Once you've been BOO'd, hang the “We've been BOOd!” sign on your front door to let everyone know you've already received your Halloween surprise. After you've hung up your sign, it's time for the real fun!

What is the Boo tradition? ›

The idea behind “booing” is that one person leaves a basket or bag of treats on someone's doorstep with a note and a “boo” sign. The recipient then refills the basket with treats. They then include a similar or the same sign and secretly deliver it to another neighbor who hasn't been “booed” yet.

What is a McDonald's Boo basket? ›

What comes in a Boo Bucket Happy Meal? Restaurant goers an app users alike ordering a Happy Meal can receive the choice of a 4-piece chicken nuggets, a 6-piece chicken nuggets or a hamburger for the entree. The meal includes french fries, apple slices and milk. Substitutions vary by store.

What do you put in a spooky basket for adults? ›

Fill an orange-colored basket or trick-or-treat bucket with a medley of gourmet candies, like truffles, fudge, and caramels. Candy can easily be added to any of these Halloween gift basket ideas for adults.

How do you make Halloween romantic? ›

Enjoy a Candlelit Dinner

If you're just dying to spend a romantic night with your significant other, try planning an eerily elegant evening complete with halloween candles and halloween centerpieces along with food options like a Halloween charcuterie board, pumpkin risotto, and candy corn cookies.

What's in a burr basket? ›

Some popular items include cozy socks, hot cocoa mix, scented candles, plush blankets, and tasty treats.

What comes in a Mcdonald's Boo basket? ›

You can get a Boo Bucket by placing a Happy Meal order either in the restaurant or through the app. There are three different options to choose from for entrees including Chicken McNuggets, a hamburger or cheeseburger with a side of fries or apple slices and a drink.

What do you put in a boo basket for Valentine's Day? ›

Making A Self-Care Valentine's “Boo” Basket
  1. Scented Candles: Create a cozy atmosphere with a variety of scented candles.
  2. Luxurious Bath Bombs: Indulge in a relaxing bath with soothing bath bombs.
  3. Essential Oils Set: A set of essential oils for aromatherapy and relaxation.
Jan 28, 2024

What does a burr basket contain? ›

Q: What should I put in a burr basket? A: You can put in anything you'd like! Some popular items include cozy socks, hot cocoa mix, scented candles, plush blankets, and tasty treats. Get creative and personalize it for the recipient's tastes.

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